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PRIMED is a platform for managing transformational business initiatives and executing complex processes.

By managing the business-wide array of dependencies, PRIMED helps companies create, execute and control their strategic initiatives and drive continuous improvement of business operations.

Our Clients

We serve Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Retail and other markets which are either highly regulated or need to undergo strategic transformation. We work directly with our clients as well as with strategic partners, consultants and advisors to help companies execute their initiatives in a data-driven and analytical way.

Financial Services

Helping Financial Services companies manage their strategic change initiatives and improve their stress testing operations.


Helping Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies with post-merger acquisitions and managing complex process improvements.


Helping Retail companies to manage merger integrations and drive enterprise-wide rationalization and change programmes.

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How do you manage the execution of your business strategy
across your operate and change initiatives ?

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Are you able to actively manage your risks and dependencies
across assets, processes, milestones and resources?

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How do you optimize your use of capital and reduce operating costs
across your run and change portfolio ?

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Do you have the analytical tools to do scenario planning
to deliver against multiple KPIs and business objectives concurrently ?

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Are you able to do comparative analysis
on budget and investment planning to fit your investment needs ?

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Can you trace supplier spend and utilization
to strategic initiatives and outcomes?

Better Governance

PRIMED provides executives with end-to-end traceability of delivery status, risks, dependencies and stakeholders allowing real-time performance analysis of investments and initiatives relative to strategic objectives and KPIs.

Comprehensive business cases can be developed for each initiative and can include costs, benefits, impacts, risks, dependencies and alignment with business goals.



Continuous Improvement

Whether self-directed or regulated, companies must continue to evolve, improve and automate many of their core business processes.

Being able to effectively transform a business and its efficiency requires the ability to control and manage the execution of complex repeatable processes at the same time as effecting change and improvement. PRIMED lets business develop and instrument core business processes, while tracking how change will positively impact the performance of these processes against strategic objectives and KPIs.

Optimized Planning

PRIMED lets users build well-formed plans while understanding the many dependencies between processes, deliverables, requirements and resources, as they will be delivered across the organization, stakeholders, suppliers and business functions.

It also provides full business requirements traceability through deliverables to align with strategic objectives. 



Controlled Execution

Delivering significant business initiatives and improving complex processes requires executives to be able to model and manage all of the moving parts across the entire business. PRIMED permits users to execute with certainty by providing end-to-end analytics, metrics and performance indicators.

Real-time risk management, change management, full auditing and scenario analysis functions provide executives with an understanding of the risks, issues and their overall impacts across the entire business, enabling better and more informed decision making.

Key Business Features

Strategic Objectives & KPIs

Manage business change initiative by aligning all processes, resources, milestones, risks, assets and requirements back to strategic goals, objectives and their respective KPI metrics.

Operational RunBooks

Model and manage operational processes (“RunBooks”), measuring their performance, identifying opportunities for change and opportunities to optimise these repeatable processes over time.

Scenario Planning

Compare and contrast different portfolio configurations to align against strategic, financial, delivery, risk and other important business outcomes.

Requirements & Process Management

Model and manage business requirements in the context of strategic and operational change, risks, milestones and business processes.

Risks & Issues

Actively manage your risks and changes in the context of operational processes, delivery milestones, resource optimisations and strategic changes.

Dependency Management

Have a holistic view of entire business portfolios across many dimensions while having full insight on all dependencies across those dimensions.

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