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Tangible and Measurable Business
Outcomes Across Industries.


We serve Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Retail and other markets which are either highly regulated or need to undergo strategic transformation.

We work directly with our clients as well as with strategic partners, consultants and advisors to help companies execute their initiatives in a data-driven and analytical way.

Using data analytics and insights, we have helped companies identify transformation opportunities, define business cases, set up and manage their change portfolios, manage commercial contracts and budgets, and deliver tangible and measurable business outcomes.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities is how we create, develop and deliver new and innovative ways to grow our cities and make them better places to live. Future City Glasgow had a unique opportunity to deliver Innovate UK’s £24M Future Cities Demonstrator Programme. 

OPEN can deliver economic growth, improved service delivery, connect people and deliver better city outcomes.



Financial Services

Commercial Management

Data Discovery and Insights Programme to transform a managed service providers business operations with its customers, contracts and suppliers.

Delivered the processes, data and metrics to allow customer to manage contractual positions, control renewals, understand usage, and to forecast Opex and renewals.

Provided significant cost savings through real-time management of stock and renewals, smarter procurement integration with service desk for real-time updates.


Operations Transformation

Assessment and programme management to re-engineer a major healthcare system, and to ensure that major suppliers and internal processes of the system integrator were assessed and aligned with business objectives.

Developed business cases, industry benchmarks and common delivery framework for managing risks with suppliers and reducing the costs of services.

Oversaw the education and knowledge transfer to ensure that end-to-end stakeholders were engaged and informed during process.


Merger-Driven Operations Engineering Programme

Programme to rationalise heritage technology, deliver data maturity and provide the platform for the business to fully maximise a ‘Single View’ of their customer.

Furthermore an education and change programme was delivered to support the business transition into a data driven organisation.

Providing their customers with enhanced and relevant journeys through the sale and service propositions whilst empowering their colleagues to deliver service excellence. Delivered significant cost savings, revenue and market position.


Network Performance and Customer Experience

Development of real-time insights that help to analyze and understand impact to the network when offering next generation applications and services, and to improve and optimize quality of customer experience as services are rolled out.

Established framework to analyze performance data near “real-time” from different data sources for applications from the core of the network to the end-devices over multiple network. Data correlation of many data sources from different companies at one time allowing operator to invest in best of breed solutions for collecting most relevant data.


Merger Transformation

Multi-million cross site merger driven transformation programme.

Common Framework of methods, tools, processes and measure delivery and update of new process.

Stakeholder management, education and selling of new processes oto PMs.

Measured training effectiveness, end-user surveys, ongoing programme of support, 25 process champions.


Baseline Estate Program

Ability to understand size and configuration of estate.

Ability to plan and budget future spend, ownership and structures.

Ability to manage lifecycle of hardware including list-x data destruction.


Commercial Management

Customer did not understand what assets they had and, importantly, where they were with their estate as an important part of their contract negotiation. They have assets spread across 3 major data centres and hundreds of stores across the country.

We were required to operate within a very large heterogeneous estate, consuming various discovery, contract and asset data sources.  Complete site asset mapping included site surveys and organisation, site and asset mapping.

We provided the customer the ability to negotiate EA agreement from a position of knowledge and strategic alignment.

System Integrator

Lifecycle Management and Transformation

Rapid discovery and intelligence of multiple customer estates to perform due diligence during pre-sales and on-boarding.

Data Discovery, acquisition and enrichment of customer estate, product data and vendor alerts to ensure estates under management were better understood, risks managed and support issues pro-actively managed.

Identification of opportunity, visualization of out of support, end of life, security alerting and CDP networks.


Operations Model Transformation

Multi-million Multi-regional business transformation to define and establish a new operating model through a revised outsourcing model, process framework and centers of excellence.

Developed Business Case, established industry benchmarks and reduced cost of service.

Managed many cross-functional teams and stakeholders, automated collaboration and data collection measures.

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